The leader on the market of ventilated facades

NORDFOX Company is an expert at the market of hinged ventilated facades. NORDFOX company has been in facade technology business for almost 10 years and proved itself as a reliable partner with flexible terms and high-quality product.

Projects commissioned all over Russia rose beyond 5000 long time ago. These numbers demonstrate steady shoulder-to-shoulder work of NORDFOX managers and designers with architects, contractors and installation personnel.

Structural element of NORDFOX system has passed durability test, contains very few parts and is 95% ready to use — all these features help reducing human factor during installation.

At the present moment, our design department is the biggest among all manufacturers of these systems. NORDFOX designers are available in our representation offices in many cities of Russia, so that they can provide authorial supervision at their projects.

Our sales office does business accounting for a standard zone of a particular building and ALWAYS based on the static analysis, allowing us to draw up an offer to a Customer as accurate as possible.

Our company is always ready for new missions and projects, our design department will elaborate any technical solutions meeting the customer's requests. And we are glad to share our experience!

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