Facade system MTH-v-100
Concealed fixing of cassette panels with Hat profile

— System with a special hard vertical Hat profile.

Fasteners for assembling cassettes are included in the system delivery.

Position of the carriages can be adjusted after cassettes are installed and are fixed by a preset screw.

It is possible to install wide cassettes using clamps.

— Installation of wider cassettes is possible with the use of clips.

— Facing material: cassettes made of sheet composite materials.

— Mounting configuration of facing material: by means of latches.

— Max facing sizes: 1500х3000mm (horizontally and vertically).

— Offset of facing from the wall surface: 97 to 600mm.

Mounting configuration of brackets:
— standard: mounting to the walls
— interfloor: mounting in the floor slabs.

Max allowed height: no height restrictions.

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