The facade system MTC-v-100
Mounting plates of porcelain visible way

— Five standard sizes of clamps for different thickness of facing slabs: 8, 10, 12, 13.5 and 16 mm. In the assortment there are special clamps that allow you to not tie the layout of the plates to the joint of the vertical guides and prevent the horizontal displacement of the plates. It is possible to fasten slabs measuring 1200×600 to 4 paws, including over fire openings.

— Cladding material: slabs of ceramic granite with a thickness of 8—16 mm.

— Method of fastening the facing material: with visible type clamps.

— The maximum dimensions of the liner: 1000х1000mm, 1200х600mm (horizontal and vertical arrangement).

— The removal of the lining material from the wall plane: 58—519 mm.
Window frame solutions – galvanized steel, porcelain tiles.
The Mounting brackets:
— Standard — with anchorage in walls;
— interstorey — with fastening in overlapping.

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