Graphics of Kandinsky 13 February 2018 г.

"The vertical line in combination with the horizontal generates a sound," one of the quotes of Vasily Kandinsky, which probably inspired the architects of the Aedas bureau.

Strict geometric shapes and softening curves create a composite rhythm of the facade of the Kandinsky Residential Complex in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

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The first floors of the building are covered with black natural granite with concealed fixing with Keil anchors by NordFox MLV-v-20 subsystem.

The facade of the residential part of "Kandinsky" is made of white fiber cement slabs, which have a concave plastic and with concealed fixing with Keil anchors by NordFox MLV-v-20 subsystem too.

The interior decoration of the balconies of the Kandinsky Residential Complex and the decoration of the windows are made using the HPL panels of FunderMax with a wood texture. HPL panels is realized with concealed fixing on self-tapping screws Duro PT with Nord Fox system.

The framing of the windows from the black composite completes the architectural composition of the facade.


Work continues on the reconstruction of the buildings of the Baltic Federal University. Kant 6 June 2016 г.

It is now the reconstruction of the building housing number 1 BFU them. Kant. The facade is made using terracotta panels and fiber cement panels on the subsystem NordFox MTC-v-350 and MTA-v-100.
The New Face of the University looks modern and fits into the unique architecture of Kaliningrad.
So looking building № 1 BFU them. Kant before reconstruction:

And this is how the building looks today:

Residential area «Water» 2 October 2015 г.

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