The facade system MTA-v-100
Mounting sheet materials visible way

— The easiest and cheapest way of fixing sheet cladding panels.
— Possible to mount a special bushings for brittle materials, and without them.
— Lining Material: fiber cement slabs, asbestos, plastic bumazhnosloistogo (of HPL), front panel made of mineral (rock) wool.
— Method of attachment facing material: blind rivets or self-tapping screws;
— Maximum size of the lining: 3200h1200mm (horizontal and vertical position).
— Removal of the cladding material from the plane of the wall: 53—516mm.
— Decisions of window frames: galvanized steel or material lining the main plane
bracket mounting options:
— Standard — with fastening to the wall;
— Interstorey — a fixture in the ceiling.

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